Demon, Embodify Thyself! is a game of longing for your body - and stealing everyone elses bodies to get it back. Decades ago, intrepid teenagers manage to stop your reign of terror and bind you deep underground in the darkest part of the forest.  Now, you're released from you prison when the campground built over your bones needs to dig a new latrine. You must eavesdrop on campers, learn their fears, and ultimately possess them, so you can use their bodies and strengths to summon yourself back to the material plane. 

Embodify Thyself! Has been written with the intention of being pushed through the YarnSpinner interpreter in Unity. Descriptions of the visual action has been added for readability in Twine. Get more information about the Unity implementation here

The goal of Embodify Theyself! is to spy on campers, use this information to make them vulnerable to possession, and then possess each camper needed to collect the components of a ritual to summon yourself to the physical realm and start the apocalypse.

The cover image is from an old Jam version, this version is in Twine. The eventual game will by 3D in Unity.

It is currently a work-in-progress proof of concept.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withTwine
TagsComedy, Horror, Twine, work-in-progress

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