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What would a teen say? Based on... conditions? Choose conditions under which your fictional teen will respond. Put words in your teens mouth. Listen to this imaginary teen complain about anything and everything, your imagination is the limit!

Story mode now includes more story.  Toss your teen beyond the mortal plane to fend for herself in an nightmare world. 

Context Tags:  Sets the world state or setting. The more tags you choose, the more specifically the Teen will try to respond.

Speak Specifically: The teen will try to respond as specifically as possible.  If the situation is too specific they may default to generalizing.  (Chooses the bark with the highest number of tag returns.)

Speak Generally: The teen will say anything that crosses their mind, so long as they're not lying.  (Chooses from every even slightly relevant bark.)

You can use TEEN TEEN BARK MACHINE to write your own quips. You can switch to Edit Mode to temporarily suspend story progression, so you can add as many as you like.

You can use TEEN TEEN BARK MACHINE purely as your own bark writing tool in edit mode, and then use the file manager to export as XML or CSV to use in your own games. Just make sure you save your work - you cannot import existing files, and disabling edit mode will cause the story to progress and is likely to delete all your work. If there is interest, I may release the tool by itself with more features. 

Add Quip: Add a new dialogue choice to the database. If the tags are left blank, they're unspecific and will be one of the choices for 'any relevant'.

Edit Mode: Stops checking level progression, so you can add and test new quips to your hearts desire without fear they'll be over written by level changes.

File Manager

Update From XML: Refreshes the database, so edits made directly to the XML file will be usable in TEENTEENBARKMACHINE.  Only adds things, doesn't remove tags or update the quiplist in Add Quip. When adding tags, be sure there are no spaces between or after tags.

Open XML: Opens the XML file that  TEENTEENBARKMACHINE is running from in your default XML editor.

Open CSV: Creates a CSV (Comma Separated Value) sheet that will open in your default spreadsheet editor.

This tool was created to attempt to replicate the system Elan Ruskin describes in this 2012 GCD talk, using fuzzy pattern matching in the bark system of Left4Dead. 

The unitypackage requires Michsky's Modern UI pack.  If you don't have access to this paid asset, you can update 'TagToggleButton' to use regular toggles. 


Featured in SuperFest with the Hand Eye Society in October 2022


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